Fall Drinks with Pumpkins

Fall Drinks with Pumpkins

I love the fall and Halloween. This time of year, I am running around with my hoodie on with a huge smile on my face. Growing up I always liked the idea of fall bringing snow and who doesn’t like candy?  As I was starting to carve my pumpkin, I decided to try a new fall drink and went to the cabinet to see what types of spirits I had on hand. Being from Kentucky, I found some Makers Mark. After a couple of google searches I found this recipe on The Delish website. It called for

2 tsp maple syrup

1 tsp water

1 dash of bitters

1 orange peel

2 oz bourbon

1 cherryIMG_0049 (1)

Add the maple syrup, water, and bitters in a bourbon glass, blended well. Then pour your 2 oz. of bourbon in over ice and an orange peel. If you like you can add a cherry on top. I thought at first the maple syrup and Makers Mark was going to be too sweet. I found it to be tasty, and it’s my go to drink while I’m working on my fall projects like this pumpkin.

Pittsburgh Youth Football

I got the opportunity to shoot the Lincoln Rams (age group 5-6 year-old) a couple of weekends back. I got some great action shots of the these little guys. Tons of fun and a good game to watch for me and families! The Rams will be playing this Saturday at Chadwick Park at 9:00 am for playoff games. Please come out and give some local kids your support. If you are a parent or coach and want some action shots of your games or a tournament director and need some photography for upcoming events, feel free to contact me at tayloredphotography@gmail.com.